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Nicole Neretin

Nikki Neretin, MD (Mom to older teens, physician, parent and teen life coach, Author, lead singer, guitarist, and creator) was the Director of Homeless Services for the Institute for Family Health in NYC for the past 27 years seeing clients at soup kitchens, LGBTQ teen shelters and on the street up through the covid 19 crisis.  She is now a physician in remote Alaska where she sees patients in a native hospital and a small fishing village on the Bering Strait. 

Her debut book, Shut Up and Act Dumb: A Parent's guide to Staying Close and connected to Your Teens and tweens, is a revolutionary new parenting style and philosophy that has interrupted worry and fighting at home so that families can have a more peaceful home and connected future.   Her latest Amazon best-selling book "Trouble Talking With Your Teens" has helped numerous families staying connected and decreases future risky behavior and creating a peaceful home. 

podcast host of Mom and Teen Reel Talk and Figuring Sh*t Out with Dr. Nikki Neretin.  

Well-known singer/guitar player in the band, Nikki and the Human Element her recent album  Elemental touches on many relatable themes ranging from someone bullying her child to a rap response to present time misogynist rap.

Nikki uses her vast experiences with the Five M's - medicine, music, motherhood, marriage, menopause, and commitment to social activism towards creating a compassionate and sustainable world through action, writing, and music. 


She is mom to older teens, Adam and Lili, married to Ted, and splits her time between Nome Alaska, and NYC. 

Tessa Cryer​​

"Wow! Where to start? I am actually a travel nurse from Texas working with Dr. Nikki Neretin. She is one of the BEST humans I have EVER met in my 56 almost 57 years on this planet. As a single parent of 4 small boys, years ago, I so wish something like this would have been around for me , for them, for US!! If you are a Mom with a child of any age I highly recommend this read! I'm so leaning on Dr.Nikki Neretin as a life coach. She is truly an unsung hero!!💖"

Erica Smith​​

"I've known Dr. Nikki for almost 20 years and there's no one I'd want in my corner MORE than her . .she leads not only by "advice" and experience, but by example. Her compassionate outlook and techniques for staying close and connected have taught me so much in my parenting and also in simply relating. Having her in my back pocket (so to speak) through her book and one-on-ones is just a joy! With Dr Nikki you feel seen and heard then you are able to share feeling with others, and stay close even when things get hard."

Keyasha Williams-Bailey​​

"This book is one of the most helpful tools of understanding communication that I’ve ever read. I recommend anyone who needs help with communicating to read this book. It is a must read!!"

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